User Experience Designer

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User Experience Designer

Sonar solves the trillion-dollar challenge of bad code. Sonar equips organizations to achieve and sustain a Clean Code state by empowering developers to write consistent, intentional, adaptable, and responsible code. Clean Code produces software that is maintainable, reliable, and secure, allowing development teams to spend less time fixing issues and more time innovating. With Sonar, and by employing the company’s Clean as You Code methodology, organizations minimize risk, reduce technical debt, increase productivity, and derive more value from their software in a predictable and sustainable way.
Sonar’s open-source and commercial products – SonarLint, SonarCloud, and SonarQube – support over 30 programming languages, frameworks, and infrastructure technologies. Trusted by more than 500,000 organizations and used by more than 7 million developers globally to clean more than half a trillion lines of code, Sonar is integral to delivering better software.

The impact you will have  

Ask a friend or colleague developer about Sonar or SonarQube. They have heard from us and will likely use the products, which shows how significant our impact on the tech industry is.
The UX craft has been gradually evolving at Sonar, and there is still much to do. In 2023, UX benchmarked a solid stage 3 of the NNG maturity model at Sonar, with a strong appetite to evolve from there in the next few years. We hold ourselves to high standards, and we are looking for invested, resilient, and humble professionals to join us for the journey ahead.
You are not new to UX, but you know that there is a lot ahead to learn. You will be following a plan that was set, and you manage your own personal workload. You will be delivering on the agenda while being diligent in raising risks and obstacles to achieve objectives. Focuses on what the company and team need and contributes at a team and squad level. While in this position, you are expected to operate within the existing work framework.
You will work in a tech-heavy environment with engineers and product managers in a cross-functional trio setup. You embrace and navigate the complexity of software development, dealing with terminology and taxonomy likely beyond anything you have ever faced, and be expected to deliver product experiences to one of the most knowledgeable, pragmatic and engaged crafts in the digital space besides your software engineers.

On a daily basis, you will

    • You will identify new potential problems for users by driving user-related problem discovery and pair with Product managers to support business-related problem discovery.
    • You will drive Solution discovery stages in product development to map possible solutions, and constraints to prepare the best options for users that Engineering can actually build, involving the product trio.
    • You will autonomously drive the solution design to define, plan, evaluate and deliver a solution that fits the entire product experience and properly solves the problem.
    • You will autonomously support the implementation of such features and improvements in the product by continuously working with engineering, bringing our solutions to life together.
    • You will drive the assessment of a feature once it is out in the wild, measuring its impact and success compared to what was initially planned.
    • You will participate and support Product managers in breaking down objectives into feasible, valuable and timely delivery plans and roadmaps.

The technical skills you demonstrate

    • Interaction design
    • UI Design
    • Systems thinking
    • Information Architecture
    • Quantitative and Qualitative research
    • Group facilitationPrototyping

The soft skills you demonstrate

      • Communication
      • Curiosity
      • Adaptability
      • Empathy
      • Growth mindset
      • Planning
      • Negotiation

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